Kids Step Stool

A step stool is an important and special part in a child’s growing education. We offer a large selection of  professional information for choosing the best step stools for your kids – you’ll discover the perfect wooden step stool, plastic step stool for the nursery, personalized step stool, and other great kids accessories that will make the education process better for your kids.

So what is the definition of a kids step stool? It’s a low set of hinged steps, often folding into or under a stool, used typically in a kitchen for reaching high shelves but in this case used and designed for kids.

Kids step stools are useful items that, thanks to the wonders of modern design, can also look great and prove to be a hugely popular addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Steps can be extremely useful for reaching difficult out of the way items while they can double up as seating which can prove very easy for smaller kids to get on and off. What’s more, you can buy steps that have a small amount of storage space or you can purchase stool and table or vanity sets. Prayer stools are ideal for night time prayers and all kids step stools come in a good range of different sizes, designs, colors, and styles ensuring that you get the perfect item for your home.

Steps With Storage

Storage space can be used for just about everything and while your son or daughter may have plenty of large storage spaces like drawers, bins, and cupboards, there are smaller items that also need to find a long term or permanent home. Steps with storage offer your child the chance to place these smaller items in the steps and it can be used for just about anything they like.

Stool And Table Sets

You can also buy stool and table sets. These are not only convenient because they do everything that you need them to but buying a set means that the stool and the table will match not only in design but in shape as well. Vanities are ideal for use in a little girl’s bedroom so she can do her hair and dress up in front of it and many girls will love them. The table can provide good storage while the stool can slide easily under the table when not in use.

Prayer Stools

Prayer stools offer your children a comfortable and convenient way to offer thanks at the end of the day. The cushioned stool is both comfortable and good looking. Some prayer stools even include a short night time prayer that your son or daughter can read and say out loud at bedtime.


With so many items in a room, a lot of kids will struggle to be able to reach some of the things they want to play with.  A kids step stool is a convenient combination of useful seating and a great way to help your kids enjoy independence.

Unique Designs

Every type of kids’ step stool offers a wide range of design choices. You can opt for simple color choices such as blue or pink or much more lavish and fun designs. There are kids’ step stools that are designed specifically for boys and those for girls. There are also those that have designs for both sexes that are great to look at and useful too.

Kids Step Stools

Kids step stools are a useful and functional addition to a bedroom or playroom. They can also be used in other rooms of the house to provide your child with their own seat as well as a convenient and simple way to reach high up objects.

Kids step stools from My Urban Child are just one range of top quality, great looking kids furniture items. Other items for the child’s bedroom include beds, dressers and storage, and more and they are all available in modern, stylish designs. Article Source